Writing is
a writer's manifesto
by Madeline

Writing is what coffee does
It can give you that familiar, wakening buzz
Or it can relax and calm you from a long day's work.

The bitter and sweet lines of letters
That are jumbled together to make words.
The words, big or small, that together form a sentence,
That lead to paragraphs that can fill pages.

To write is to process your thoughts onto paper,
To express the unsaid and write what you feel.
A place where you can let your imagination run free,
And be anybody you want to be.

Empower yourself and inspire others,
Make someone laugh, make someone cry,
Make a change with something you write.

It's the music to your eyes, and the movie of your imagination.
Something that you can feel without a touch,
And perceive in a new way every time you read it.

Write to reflect on yourself and reflect on what you see,
The corruption, the hatred, the horror
That the world is or that the world could be.

Writing is something special, a talent that everybody has.
The past saved as memories,
The present a story that your life is telling,
But our future is a blank page,
Waiting for you to pick up the pen.

Transform your world,
Set your mind at ease,
Let your fingers free,
Let your mind guide you on the path that you please
And make way for the unwritten stories on the journey ahead.

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