I was going to wait until the end of the month to make this mood board, but I got so excited and ended up finishing it early! So here it is, my April mood board! This is a small collection of things that have been inspiring me this month. 

1. Desk
Believe it or not, this is actually the desk in my dorm room! It  has seen me through everything these past 8 months, and I'm really sad that I only have a full 3 or 4 days left with it before I need to start packing everything up and start to send it home. I've re-arranged and added new things on it (almost weekly) before I finally settled on the perfect arrangement... last week. I love the colours of my books and binders all together. Who knew a desk could feel so homey?!

2. Terracotta Potted Plants
I've recently fallen in love with green plants in terracotta pots. It's such a simple thing to add to a bookshelf or a table but I feel like it really adds a little pop and makes the room feel alive (unless the plants are dead). In the fall when I get an apartment I will definitely have some plants kicking around. 

3. Homemade Soft Pretzel  
One of my biggest weaknesses every time I go to the mall is stopping by the Pretzelmaker to get one of those delicious soft pretzels. When I was younger (and hated malls) my mom would always buy my sisters and I the 6 pack plain pretzels and park us on a bench outside the store she wanted while she looked around. I saw this recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction on Pinterest and I got so excited because they look so delicious! As soon as I get home next week I'm going to try making them and see how they compare to the real stuff.

4. White Hydrangeas
Can we please just take a moment and recognize how beautiful white hydrangeas are? Such a timeless, beautiful flower that should be appreciated more often. 

5. Ripped Jeans
I'm going to be honest, I've never owned a pair of ripped jeans. I told myself back in September that I'd buy myself a pair as a moving out gift, but that still hasn't happened. I believe that when done properly, ripped jeans can look so classy and chic. I'm making a promise to myself right here, documented in words, that this summer I WILL BUY myself a pair of ripped jeans. 

6. Half-painted Walls
Are you a fan of this kind of thing? I personally love it. It's definitely different from a normal, fully painted wall, and even a straight line half-painted wall but I think it's cute. Would be a nice addition to a craft room or any room for that matter. 

7. Dress Corilynn
Words cannot begin to express how much I want one of these dresses. They are so beautiful and well made if I had any spare money I would totally buy one in each colour. The Capri dresses are so pretty as well I highly recommend you check them out! I'm proud to say that $11 of my very own money went into backing her kickstart funds ;). 

I had a lot of fun going through pinterest and instagram finding pictures I had loved this month! I'm going to start doing a mood board every month to document my likes and interests, and it will be fun to look back and see how they've changed or stayed the same!