It's so hard to believe that yet another month has passed already. It feels like a few hours ago since I was working on my May mood board, but here we are with June!

1. Kiera Knightly's hair
First off, there is no denying that Kiera Knightly is beautiful. If I could pick a famous person to having out with for a day I would pick her without question. Secondly, I'm loving the length of her hair in this picture and I'm seriously considering getting it cut short again. 

With apartment hunting on my mind again, I came across this beautiful, whimsical kitchen from Sanna & Sania. The whole post is in Swedish so I wasn't too sure exactly what was being said but from what I gather, a home/apartment was being shown (all which was equally as beautiful and whimsical). Part of me would love to have mismatched and different coloured kitchen chairs, but the other half is screaming NO. 

I also love this flower wall feature. I've seen it a few times here and there on pinterest, and I honestly think it would look so nice with a white living room or bedroom. I believe that the flowers in the photo are real, but I would do it with fake (or even paper) flowers to have it a little more permanent. 

If I wasn't saving my money for my education, this time ticking machine would be on my wrist this very moment. It's such a classy and simple accessory I don't understand why more people don't have one. And I don't mean this exact watch because there are so many other nice ones out there as well, but I've really come to appreciate how much a nice looking watch can add to an outfit. 

There are no words to describe how sweet this headboard looks. I love love love the yellow in the rug and bedspread against the wall. Sometimes I wish I had chosen a different duvet cover, but then I remind myself I chose the one I have for a reason. Either way, it's too late now. 

Whenever I'm craving something to eat, more often than not I want a really good hamburger, or a classic vanilla cupcake. There's something so traditional about both that makes it so much more appetizing. It's just too bad it's not healthy to eat cupcakes and hamburgers everyday. 

I believe that a pair of shoes can make or break your outfit. You can be wearing a killer power outfit with your hair done nicely, and a pair of flip flops. I think we can all agree that a nice pair of shoes looks soooo much better. I'm not sure if it's just me, but I love looking at what kinds of shoes men are wearing. Because really, in the end it does matter what's on your feet. 

And just like that, June is complete. I hope these 7 inspiring things to me will inspire you even if it's just a little!