This month has been a whirlwind of all things crazy. I've had to learn (at least!) 45 new faces and names for my job, as well as create weekly lesson plans including a literacy block and various activities. So this month I've taken a minimalist approach with the things that's been inspiring me and what could be more simple than water colour on white paper? I love that I can print off an image, stick it in a picture frame and have it looks 100x more expensive than it actually was!

1. "The WI-FI password"
Am I the only one who thinks this is so cute (and not to mention pretty handy)? I'll definitely be printing one off for my apartment this September.

2. Typography

3. Essentials
This one reminds me of the seasonal essentials by Jones Design Co.. I think it would look nice framed and hung on a wall. Maybe even blow it up a little bigger?

4. Hunters
This is a good base to change the colours to pretty much anything you want. Just play with the colour temperature and brightness, etc. to get the effect you want! Better yet, just go with the classic black and white.

5. Vogue
There's something pretty classy about this one. I'm liking how it gives an old vibe to it but still fresh and classic. I feel like this one would be good for a greeting card or something, is that weird?

Here's the end to a minimalistic month!