With Meredith and Megan on March break, they were able to come visit/stay with me for a few days. After lots of movies, candy, food, giggles, $$ and picture taking, it's safe to say we had fun.

On Thursday, Meredith took the GO train down in the afternoon and I met her at Union. We went back up to my apartment and made some dinner before deciding to see Cinderella again (2x for her, 3x for me). Of course before heading out to the theatre, we walked around to take some pictures at dusk. Friday morning, we got a call saying that Megan would be joining us because she wasn't allowed to stay at home alone anymore days this week (apparently she'd been alone for 3 or 4 days already). Meredith and I picked Megan up at Yorkdale and did some shopping and had 'lunch' before heading back to my apartment for a nap. We then spent the rest of the afternoon at Snakes & Lattes board game cafe playing Clue, Blokus, Disney Trivia, some Spaghetti game and Fact or Crap, before walking around (at dusk lol) to take more pictures. Meredith and I trusted Megan to take nice pictures of us but CLEARLY she is not capable of focusing the lens.