It's been a year since I started my "monthly" mood boards. Looking back, I really wish I had continued to make these from September onwards but... school. I'm semi-proud of myself for jumping back to it this month. I've been feeling more like my crafty self lately and I've been on pinterest for hours on end looking at eVerYTINg. Like always, I've rounded up my favourite ones from this past month. 

I love love love these sunglasses (or any of CĂ©line sunglasses) and would buy them asap IF I had $300 to drop. 

I'm not a big colour person but I like all the neutrals and white with the colours as accents. I feel like that way you're able to switch the colour out easier if you get tired of it. 

3. Heels
The heels pictured aren't the Valentino ones, although they look very similar. Either way I would love to get myself a pair!!!! I don't have anywhere to wear them but that's ok, right? 

Same as last spring and summer, I'm still loving the patterned pants. I have yet to build a nice collection but I'm working on it. 

I showed this to my piano-teaching aunt and she said this was a "sacrilegious" thing to do. Coincidentally the lady who originally shared this painted piano on her blog said the same thing. I don't think a piano is really sacred... the Bible - yes!, a piano, eeeeehhhh maybe not. I think the piano looks so much better painted. I really want to try this one out (get a piano from the kijiji free section!) but my only problem would be having to get it transported around. I'm promising myself right now that one day I will. 

Sure the kitchen is nice BUT that runner is so beautiful. I'm thinking about making one myself from a canvas drop cloth (so many things I want to do with those) but I'm still on the search for the perfect pattern.