As I've stayed inside my apartment all fall and winter, I'm really forcing myself to go out into the city and do as many things as I can before leaving for C-town at the end of the month. The 15th was dedicated to the AGO. It was free admission night (wednesday) and I'd never been before so I decided to go and have "the art experience".

Am I looking at art or am I looking at my reflection? Both.
My friend and I started the night at Valens for dinner (patio weather!), then we headed over to the museum. We looked at some sculptures, looked at some paintings, took pictures of paintings, and looked at more paintings. That staircase in the concourse is very deceiving because what looked like 2 flights of stairs was actually 5. BUT 5 flights of stairs for rooms with extra high ceilings - which meant it was more like 7 or 8 flights of stairs. Legs hurt a little after that but it gave a nice view to the north and south sides of the city.

All in all it was just as cool as it was boring and maybe I will end up going back in a few months or so.