As part of my I-really-want-to-start-crafting-again phase over the past few weeks, I've made a list of things I want to make. Just like almost everyone on pinterest, I've been really liking the hand painted globes. 

I've been searching all over (within 5 minutes walking distance) for a nice big one to paint but still haven't found anything I can work with.  I decided to go to the dollar store to see if they had anything and lucky me, they had small, hideous desktop globes. For only $3 I figured I might as well give it a shot. I stopped by the hardware store on my way back home and picked up a can of gold spray paint (which later lead to a spray painting rampage - note the gold 3-hole punch in the background). After having written 2 exams within 24 hours, I figured some crafting was much needed to de-stress.

I made the flowered one first, then went back the next day to buy the other two globes. They're obviously not as perfectly done as the ones on pinterest but it was really fun and soooo relaxing to put some Netflix on in the background and paint. The flowered one took about 4-5 hours in total, the pink one took around 2-3, and it probably took me way longer to get my desk all cleaned and put the paints away. I also played around with adding some black paint (and then wiped it off) on the stand of the flowered globe to see if it looks better with some 'dimension' and aging... I don't think it did. I'm still debating on what else to add to the navy blue globe but for now it sits as it is.