At the beginning of this week I was prepared to go home and babysit my sister Megan while the rest of my family went down to Montreal for Mariel's graduation. In a strange turn of events, I ended up making a flying trip down with them - and by flying trip I mean less than 18 hours.
We arrived in Montreal sometime around midnight and got settled into our hotel. That morning we had a nice brunch at Cacao 70 and went to a coffee shop before going to Mount Royal. In the afternoon we had Mariel's graduation ceremony, then we had appetizers at the hotel before I was dropped off at the train station. I'm actually glad I had 2 days off of school and was able to go see Mariel graduate and support her.

Cacao 70
Cacao 70

The joke here is that I NEVER wear running shoes, much less in public so this was a big step for me

When your younger sisters are bored/embarrassed at how cool their older sister are