I can't believe how fast this past year has flown by. It feels like May was just a few weeks ago (and almost literally because of how nice and warm the weather was).
I feel that I've grown and matured a little more and have finally found what I need to work towards with my degree. Figuring out how to tailor my degree to my needs and the future really helped me to see clearly where I needed to go and what the whole point of my education was, so that was really a relief and probably one of the highlights of my year. In hindsight, of course there are lots of things I would have done differently but I'm not letting that stop me or hold me back. Regardless, I am so grateful for everything that I've been able to do this year with volunteering, my jobs and with school, and I'm also so incredibly thankful for all the new friendships I've made this year. It really feels like I've known some of them for much longer than I really have. I'm really looking forward to the next year and

That being said, I have set a few goals for myself for the year ahead so that I can continue to grow. Although I've decided on two [full] new year's resolutions for myself, I'm mainly going to focus on monthly goals that are easier for me to work towards and to keep myself encouraged. I'm going to set them month by month so that I can work off what I achieved in the previous month. So for January I've decided that I'm going to 1. complete a 'social media cleanse', 2. cut down on unnecessary spending, and 3. eat 3 meals a day.

1. A social media cleanse
The idea behind my 'social media cleanse' isn't to go through and delete everything that would seem 'fake' (like many people are doing after that whole fake instagram people gate), and I'm not deleting my social media at all. But instead the idea is to go through the people I'm following or am friends with and unfollow or delete all the people that I'm not friends with anymore or that just don't have a personality that I vibe with - if you get what I mean. Literally just cleansing out my social media.

2. Cut down on unnecessary spending
In Sept. I had set a very strict budget for myself which was something like I couldn't spend more than what I needed on groceries and around $50 for emergencies per month. That was a complete joke because I don't know how but I ended up spending a lot more than I ever thought I would. This is partly because I tend to go to the Dollar store a lot and pick up random things that I need - but things that I don't need at the same time. So a piggy back monthly resolution off of this one is to stop going to the Dollar store.

3. Eat 3 meals a day
Especially around exam times or when I get stressed, I tend to forget to eat. I'm worried about completing other tasks so then I forget about breakfast and lunch then oh! suddenly it's 8pm and I haven't eaten or had anything to drink (except coffee) all day. So I'm going to work on making sure that I have healthy eating habits even when I have many things on the go. Another piggy back monthly resolution here is to make sure that I'm drinking enough water throughout the day to stay hydrated.

I'm documenting my goals here as an incentive for me to work on them and to hold myself to completing them. Here's to hoping that I am able to follow through.

Happy new year!