Earlier this week I went out to Little Italy and stopped at two cafes there for my #coffeeshophop! It's been a little over a month since the last ones I went to so it was nice to get back too it.

From what I gather, this place is know for the cute espresso machine!

 The first one we stopped at, Empire Espresso (photos above), had a super cozy window seating area and felt very home-y. I had an americano and because I'm no coffee connoisseur, I won't comment on how it tasted (but TBH it didn't taste any different than a coffee to me). Overall it was a nice, cozy and very instagrammable place that would be best for a coffee catch-up with a friend.

Then the second cafe we stopped at was The Green Grind (photos below), and I am IN LOVE with this place. For sure this is my favourite place I've been to so far. There's lots of seating with little tables, a beautiful corner (styled so perfectly!) and then there's the big table and I like that the best because it would/will be perfect for an afternoon study session. I almost wished I had had work to do that day just for the sake of it, haha. I just ordered a tea at this place and it came in a giant mug/soup bowl so I could barely drink half of it. But anyways, I will definitely be going back!

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