Went for a little solo adventuring by the water after work today.

For the next few weeks I'm trying to go exploring around local areas for a bit after work, rather than going home and doing nothing. Today I was driving through residential/cottage homes along the waterfront and although there were signs saying 'park' or 'beach', they were private or club membership only - but there was no mention of this online. I did end up finding one spot which was a small public grass space and then a rock front with a small port (last 2 pictures). 

A few minutes down the road there was a bigger public park and waterfront down the hill. I had to maneuver over the trees and rocks (pictured below) until I got to a flat rock at the end of that open section. It was so quiet and perfect, only the sounds of water and birds. I did a quick walk through the forest trail there and snapped a few pictures but then I realized I had left my car keys back on the rock so I didn't go any farther. Plus there were a lot of mosquitos... 

I loved the second spot because of the forest right by the water. Last summer I was at a 'secret' spot where there was a full on forest and then if you walked through the trees Narnia style it opened up to the lake. The water was right there! I've been meaning to back there so maybe that's my next stop?