A summary of our trip to the Grand Canyon! 
Our parents called the trip Mom and Dad's Grand Canyon Adventure Tour Co, and that kind of stuck so we shortened it to #adventuretourco for our hashtag. We had a lot of fun together and got to see a lot of amazing places. You can watch our video below, then keep scrolling to see all the pictures!

We drove from Vegas and made it to Zion in the early afternoon. Time change was not on our side and we were in and out of different time zones all day! Zion was so beautiful and it was fun hiking the trail (we did the low falls one if I remember correctly). Next time I want to try and make it to Angel's Landing...

Stopped here on our way to the Grand Canyon.

Also stopped here on our way to the Grand Canyon. It was a mile-ish 'hike' from the parking lot to the actual bend. It was downhill to get there and that wasn't so bad, but the way back up was reeeally hot. There was a shaded area less than halfway to the bend, but was a pretty long stretch to walk in the sun on the way back before you could take a break.

We arrived at the Grand Canyon in the evening, though it was too cloudy to see the sun set that night. The next day we did the stretch between the village and Hermit's Rest. We only walked ~15 minutes down Bright Angel trail and then went back up, but someday I would love to go all the way to the bottom! We saw the sunset that night and then woke early the following morning for the sunrise.

And so we were back in Vegas for 2 days before we flew home. We walked the strip, hit up the Pawn Stars pawn shop, and hung around the resort.