4058 Hz

Two years ago, on October 25th, my hearing was muted in my right ear and shortly after, I got a high pitched ringing in the same ear. A couple hours after that, everything started spinning, like being-on-the-tea-cup-ride-and-not-being-able-to-slow-down kind of spinning.

I had no idea what was or why this was happening when the dizziness first started. I spent a whole week lying in bed, either sleeping or trying to sleep because that was the only way I could keep the dizziness at bay. I couldn't keep any food down because I was getting nauseous, and as result I lost quite a bit of weight (which I have gained back lol). I couldn't stand up without having to hold on to something, or I risked falling over. It sucked. 

The first doctor I went to was at a walk-in clinic downtown TO, and all I remember was that the doctor was not helpful and kind of rude. I ended up going home to my real doctor and she said I was having BPPV vertigo - something to do with the crystals in the inner ear being loose. She did the head maneuver that was supposed to stop the dizziness, but all it did was make me throw up. She threw around the idea of having Ménière's disease, but overruled it because of my age (I was 19 and common age for Ménière's is 40-60+... but my symptoms were/still are very similar to Ménière's). Long story short, the dizziness did lighten up after a week and my balance re-adjusted to accommodate the damage to my right ear. I was referred to an audiologist, who didn't find anything I didn't already know, and then another specialist who said during the dizziness test that she wasn't seeing any major reactions - partly because this appointment took months to book and my balance had already re-adjusted. That was kind of disappointing to me because I waited so long for that appointment I kind of hoped that there would be some conclusive results. 

Although I haven't had any major dizzy spells since the week-long one (thankfully!), I do occasionally get dizzy if I turn my head a certain way. I still have muted hearing which isn't the worst thing ever, but it is kind of annoying to have to ask people to repeat what they said when I'm somewhere with a lot background noise. The tinnitus is another story... and everyday I wish it would go away. For the most part I'm so used to it I forget it's there, but occasionally the ringing sounds SO loud I can't focus on anything else. Some days are good and some days are so bad I get headaches, but I think the worst part about tinnitus is not being able to have a fully 'silent' moment. I've figured out that the frequency of the ringing is 4058 Hz. If you're interested to hear what it sounds like, use this website and set it to 4058 Hz on the triangle wave.  Put your headphones on right ear only and set to 1/4 volume, then listen to it for 2 years straight and let me know how you like it. 

Here's to hoping my tinnitus magically goes away this year. Fingers crossed...