Usually around this time every year I crack out the knitting needles, drop a fortune on yarn, and sit in front of the tv for a knitting marathon....

I used to make plain old scarves, but last year I made a blanket and decided to do that again this year.
Patches sleeping under his favourite blanket!
I've tried using different types of yarn (roving, extra chunky, skinny yarn, softy yarn, etc.) and this time I used the Bernat Chunky yarn. I like the way it feels as a blanket better than the roving yarn (which I used for the blanket I made last year) because it feels thicker and a little softer.

I added tassels to make the blanket look a little more fun/finished because it looked too plain. I wanted to do black tassels but I ended up using some left over cream yarn that I had. There are so many different "how to make a tassel" tutorials out there so I won't bother with that. I did leave the string that ties at the top of the tassel extra long, this way I could tie it into the blanket but still swap the tassels out for different ones or remove them for the wash.  

I made 10 tassels in total. 

It's a little over 5 ft. tall and 3 ft. wide, so a good size for a nap blanket. It took about 2.5 weeks but I was only doing a couple hours here and there when I could fit time in. I don't really need another blanket, but on the other hand... can you ever have too many?

I tied the tassels at the 4 corners first, and then eye-balled the middle ones.
(The answer is no.)