We're not in downtown Toronto anymore...

Took a day trip adventure out to Guildwood Park and then over to the Scarborough Bluffs. I've been to the Bluffs before, but only down in the park area. Courtney had never been to the Bluffs and neither of us had been to Guildwood park either! 

I actually wanted to go to Guildwood Park to see the sculptures and architecture pieces they have there... but unfortunately the whole front entrance as well as the inn were under construction. We ended up finding an entrance opening on the east side and we down to the waterfront from there. The sculptures and architecture pieces were on the west side of the park from what I gather and we didn't really have access to get over there. Next time! 

I will say that I loved how the sky and the water blended together. It was a little overcast and foggy on the water when we got there but it was a comfortable temperature to just sit and relax (we brought coffee and croissant). The water was such a pretty colour - for Lake Ontario at least - and my iPhone quality pics just don't do it any justice. 

 After that, we headed over to the Bluffs to find the instagram spot explore. I thought the water at Guildwood looked nice but from where we were standing at the top of the Bluffs it was even better! The sun had come out and the clouds had cleared up to make this view that much better. It was hard to believe we weren't that far from the downtown core.